Some of you might already know, that the three founders of FUTURE OF SHOPPING brought the initiative FUTURE CITY Langenfeld to life. Frank Rehme, Kathrin Mussmann and Karin Wunderlich work together with the City Langenfeld and the partners of the initiative, in order to reach the special goal. They want to establish a home for innovative projects in retail. In contrast to theoretical showcases, constructed laboratory situations and isolated solutions, new technologies and concepts can be implemented directly as part of the inner city experience in Langenfeld.

In the autumn of 2016, the initiative followed the “call for digital and stationary trade” project of the state of NRW. Now there was the funding for a few exciting subprojects, which will start mid-year:

“Smartsphere” – The digital communication space in the city.

The project idea for the “Smartshare” has emerged when we asked ourselves how the growing number of digital information and applications in a city can be sensibly combined. In the future, a platform for the smartphone will bring together the stationary and digital inner city experience. The app enables the citizens and customers of Langenfeld to discover the local offerings and services of dealers, restaurateurs and service providers as well as their digital applications and information as a seamless overall experience. Companies are called upon to use this digital communication space in their city. The Shoppingmitte Langenfeld is also designed to be digitally attractive. Stadtwerke Langenfeld supports the project with its infrastructure strength. This allows strategic planning for the digital experience.

In addition, customers can earn points during their stay in the Langenfelder city centre using the city key. For example, they can park in the car parks of the city free of charge and enjoys additional benefits. Langenfeld’s citizens can already register for the city key from March this year.

“White Box” – The fitting room for the Retail.

From summer onwards, a shopping centre for the Langenfelder White Box will be redesigned. This creates flexible rooms. Digital applications, innovative concepts and products can be presented and tested. This enables traders and customers to access the inner city of digital space as seamlessly as possible. In addition, the exchange between suppliers, retailers and customers is actively supported.

With this promotion, the FUTURE CITY Langenfeld will continue to take a further step in the coming year. For us, the state funding is a confirmation that the initiative for  Langenfeld’s inner city is the right path

Mayor Frank Schneider on the positive feedback from the state ministry.

We can, therefore, prepare for an exciting year at the FUTURE CITY Langenfeld.
By the way: If you and your company want to actively shape the innovative future of the trade and the inner city experience, we look forward to getting in contact with you!


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