Shopping 2036 (1): The new social pleasure in a confusing world


Or: How is Germany going to buy tomorrow – Shopping 2036?

What will happen? The favourite store around the corner or chatboots on the net? Robots, drones, or Click & Collect? E-commerce or in-house trading? Online, offline, selling via the TV, mobile phone or tablet?

So, what does the future of shopping look like, how does shopping in Germany look like in 2036?

Current study by QVC in cooperation with the Trendoffice Hamburg for shopping 2036 (1)

The trend researcher Prof. Peter Wippermann formulated five theses, which were discussed and further developed by experts from commerce, e-commerce, IT and science. A representative survey of TNS Infratest with more than one thousand people in August 2016 on purchasing habits and future wishes was also included in the study. Further input came from two consumer workshops with Generation Z (born in 2000) and Generation Y (born between 1985 and 2000). The results of the study are presented in several articles in “The Future of Purchasing”.

How much humanity is in the trade 2036?

We will continue to have shops. However, these will no longer be recognisable as transactions. In the future, shopping will increasingly merge with leisure activities. Man is and remains a social being – so also whilst shopping. Shopping becomes an experience.

The stationary trade becomes the “Community Organizer” when shopping 2036

The experience and entertainment value becomes the decisive factor in shopping. The more digitisation progresses, the more human interaction gains in importance. You meet with friends and family, go for a cafe or food and then to shopping. The new buzzword is here: “Social Shopping” – it is not about buying products, but about the experience, the stimulation through stories, conversations, references from friends, advice from allies. It’s just fun to go shopping in a group of like-minded people.

Some key results

The results of the study show that women are the social aspect of “shopping as an opportunity to experience something with friends” (42%) than men (28%). And for the generation Y o (born 1985 to 2000) shopping is a good opportunity to do something with friends together (43%).

But also about 25% can imagine themselves with friends together in the online chat or in the virtual world to shop. Every second says: If the service is good, I do not care if a computer is behind it.

New Technologies can enrich the Shopping experience in the future

Whether robots, intelligent changing rooms, virtual reality or even bots – all will have a place in future shopping: finding products, testing products, viewing and preselecting products digitally, the new technologies will be used in the future.

People are the focus

So, trade is nothing without people in the future. Shopping – not the purchase of everyday necessities – is for the “soul”. It is about an experience, fun, recreation and it works only with people – salesmen, consultants, family, friends or other buyers.

“It’s really worthwhile to go into business when there are people, too” and “Trade has to become much more of a human being” are two key statements on the trend shopping 2036: The new social pleasure in a confusing world. Thus, in 2036 everything will turn around the human being, all the technical possibilities will not displace human proximity.

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