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The fifth part of the QVC study “Shopping 2036 (5)” looks at the ecological and sustainable shopping. What moves people in 2036? Part 4 is here.

Ethical purchase criteria become more important when shopping 2036

Sustained products, bioproducts, fair products, organic grown, …. that already affects the purchase decisions. If you buy such products, it leaves a good feeling and emotions.

But buyers do not always behave like this: They expect new and fresh products every day, favourable prices and fast deliveries every day. It seems that consumers are often inconsistent in this tension field.

Sensitivity for social and environmental aspects is increasing

Einkaufen 2036 (5)

In the future, sustainability will not only be an image factor for retailers. On the contrary, it will determine the core business of the trade. Finally, the story must be right, not just for the product that is being sold, but for the entire trading company.

Transparency will be important to the customer

It looks as if a competitor that will be able to explain where his products come from, where the fish has been trapped, how they were handled and treated in the supply chain, will eventually have a competitive advantage. Such data can now be collected along the entire supply chain and also be shown to the customer if required. Traceability in the supply chain is the key word here.

Some Study results


Longevity and recyclability are required

Ultimately, this means that not only sustainability but also mindfulness in dealing with the material, longevity and repairability will count again. The buyer changes to the owner who pays attention to the purchased product and treats it differently.

Popularity of different shopping forms

What is a study about the future of shopping if it does not finally provide an answer to the question: Where do consumers prefer to buy?

Essential result: online shopping is the most popular form of shopping.

Beliebtheit Einkaufsformen

On the question, if the technological support of the shopping can emphasise the technical affinity of the men: On the question of new technologies, which support the shopping said the majority of the men.

Virtuelle Realität

Furthermore, the best experiences from a combination of the real and digital world will emerge and computer technologies will make potential better experiences possible.

Future Study Trade 2036 – What Can We Learn?

The most important result is that major influences on the purchasing behaviour of tomorrow will have the social change, new technologies, the digitisation of our daily life as well as resource scarcity. It seems that modern technologies will support, assist and simplify shopping. Ultimately, virtual worlds will also change the shopping experience.

Finally, it can be seen that there will be a distinction between shopping (shopping experience) and shopping (demand shopping). In addition, different technologies will enter these two types of shopping. It should also be emphasised that the Internet and stationary commerce remain the same, combined, and equally used. However, this varies branch-specific.

And what is also important to emphasise: The human remains the opposite in the retail – in the case of the purchase experience especially, but also in the demand purchase.

The series

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