taste experience with Barista and coffee house atmosphere now also with Starbucks?

I prefer to drink coffee in the morning, but also during the day. At home or in the office, it tastes best. I don’t like “To go” that much,

because in the paper cup the coffee is always so hot, in the car and on the train it is a bit cumbersome. These are reasons why I am reluctant to go to Starbucks in Germany and buy a coffee to take home.

Things look different on business trips or on vacation: no matter where I am – in the big cities in the USA, Europe or Asia: Starbucks can be found on every corner – in the city centre, at the station or in shopping centres. Although a good cafe would attract me even more, I always land at the Starbucks counter. Café Latte, Chai Latte, iced Coffee – tall or grande is always said.

Short history

The company began in 1971 with a coffee-making and selling coffee, tea and spices at the historic Pike Place Market in Seattle. Today Starbucks is the largest roaster and supplier of coffee specialities in the world with more than 23,000 branches in 50 countries. With an annual turnover of US $ 19.16 billion and 238,000 employees, Starbucks is now a large corporation.

Where does the name come from?

The name was chosen in accordance with the first officer from Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick. Also, the logo is inspired by the sea, because it shows a “siren” from the Greek mythology with two fins.

A simple concept

The concept of Starbucks is as simple as it is great – everywhere in the world, it looks the same: large coffee cups, comfortable sofas, dark wooden tables, the Starbucks counter. And nearly always customers and guests are in the Starbucks. Free Internet and the living room invite to it. In particular, they are younger people, who spend their time with their laptops in front of them, pampering themselves with a coffee or two.

New technology at Starbucks
Starbuck Bot

Not only is there free Internet, now Starbucks is testing a digital barista – a chatbot with voice control to order. As a new service in the Starbucks app, users can now order in a dialogue with a virtual assistant. This is done via voice control or via chat.

Café-experience and atmosphere

Starbucks goes one step further with the roasting mill. Coffeehouse experience at Starbucks – is that even possible?

Over two years the design and furnishing of “Starbucks Roastery and Tasting Room” took place. She opened in Seattle, a few blocks away from the Starbucks’ tribe seat where everything began in 1971.

The roasting shows the passion for coffee in an unprecedented experience that takes customers on a journey of discovery and brings them closer to coffee than ever before. An homage to the coffee-savory craft, the art of roasting and the exploration of taste, are the aims that Starbucks wants to present. A new retail experience arose, completely different from what the customers of Starbucks expect.


In the roasting shop, the customers can watch the coffee experts at their roasting trade with six different roasting methods. Immediately after cooling, the coffees can be tasted or bought.

The roasting mill is the future of the coffee house, which offers the customer a variety of opportunities to explore the authentic presentation of the roasting process first hand. The whole space offers possibilities of discovery and experience.

So also with Starbucks, there is experience and enjoyment shopping. Now also in Germany – in Munich in the Sendlinger Straße. Not quite as in Seattle, but it’s going in the right direction. It would be nice if it continues that way. Then I’d probably go to such a Starbucks Café in Germany.

And here is a video, which gives a very good impression.



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taste experience with Barista and coffee house atmosphere now also with Starbucks?

I prefer to drink coffee in the morning, but also during the...
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