Who we are

Stationary retail has the wonderful task to completely reinvent itself. In the last 15 years eCommerce has virtualized the Point of Sale and made itself available at all times. This provoked relevant change in consumer behaviour. The consumer of today is an absolute professional, who has all information on prices, availability and quality at hand  in seconds. Yet some things will always remain: The consumer is a person who reacts emotionally and subconsciously, otherwise he would be the famous “homo economicus”, that does not exist.

We are absolutely convinced that the stationary retailers that have managed to reinvent themselves have a great future ahead of them. The content of this site is to describe this future.

In addition to our authors, the core team of this site are the famous blogger and profiled note speaker Heike Scholz and the future of retail evangelists of gmvteam, who have already set many milestones in future issues of trade.

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